Students participate in 30 Hour Famine, donate to impoverished children

On April 23-24, sophomore Tiffany Kazemi, along with about 30 to 40 other CHS students, endured a challenge that seems unfathomable to most CHS students. The challenge consisted of fasting for 30 hours, while at the same time raising awareness for less fortunate children.

The 30 Hour Famine, an event sponsored by World Vision, takes place nationally each year in February and April in order to help raise money for children who face poverty.

Kazemi, who organized CHS’ part in this event with several other students, is the CHS “famine leader.” She decided to spearhead this event for CHS in order to help raise money for children around the world.

“This fast is to raise money for food for hungry children in the world,” Kazemi said. “It is also to spread awareness of the struggle and pain felt by families who cannot support themselves, and who must fight through starvation on a daily basis.”

For every $30 donated to the program a child in need will be able to be fed for up to 30 days. Kazemi has high expectations for how much money CHS students will raise for this cause.

“My goal would definitely be to feed over 20 children,” Kazemi said. “So far, I have raised a little over $400, which can feed 15 children.”

According to Kazemi, she set up a Facebook event for the fast and invited her friends, many of whom helped spread the word.  She also talked to people from other schools in Montgomery County to take part in the event.

World Vision strives to change the lives of the world’s poorest children and families in over 100 countries. This relief organization is dedicated to helping children and the people around them in order to reach their potential by undertaking the causes of poverty.

According to, each day 25,000 kids under age 5 will die, most of them from preventable causes such as hunger, poverty, and disease. That is one child every three seconds.

Kazemi encourages her peers to take part in the famine and motivates them to raise awareness for this cause. She spends time educating the other students on what the fast is for and how it can help children in need.

“I’ve explained to a lot of them the cause of the famine and posted the website link on the event page [on Facebook] if they had anymore questions,” Kazemi said.

To donate money to this national relief foundation, go to, or for more information go to