Potomac Village Sprinkles plans store renovations

Sprinkles Ice Cream and Yogurt, the popular Potomac Village ice cream store, closed Jan. 11 to undergo renovations to update the store and make it more efficient.

“Sprinkles is going traditionally classy with an air of elegance,” Sprinkles employee junior Jasmine Siudzinski said.

The renovated store will feature a new color theme, wood floors and a frozen yogurt machine. Cupcakes, which were previously homemade, will now be made on the premises.

Another change is that the menu will now be on a flat screen TV, allowing for an interactive experience. For example, if a customer has a suggestion for a new type of sundae, they can suggest it and it can easily be added to the menu.

Despite undergoing these renovations, Sprinkles employees plan to maintain the community-oriented atmosphere. According to Store Owner Tom Orban, even with a modernized store, the same staff and owner will remain.

“Our customers know that we are not some big ice cream franchise, rather, we are a small, local ice cream shop that serves a variety of sweet goods,” Siudzinski said.

Last spring, Sprinkles nearly had to close up shop, but Potomac residents successfully rallied for it to remain open.

 “[The renovations are a way to] say thank you to the community for its support and give it the best ice cream store they ever saw,” Orban said.