Theft reported at Sheperd Stadium

A woman reportedly walked into the CHS football stadium Monday, Nov. 2 and stole cell phones out of two students’ backpacks.

According to security team leader Terry Bell, the two students who were at the track that Professional Day left their bags unattended at the entrance and went for a run. After they returned, they noticed that their cell phones were missing. They told a nearby parent, who had seen the woman in the stadium.

“When [the parent] came [into the stadium], she noticed a lady looking through the bags,” Bell said.

The parent then reported to security officers at school, giving them a detailed description of the woman. The next day, students returned to school and security stationed themselves by the auditorium within watching distance of the track to see if the mysterious woman would return.

“She showed up, walked around the track and did some suspicious activities,” Bell said. “We kept an eye on her, but she didn’t steal anything.”

That same day, as the parent was driving, she saw the mysterious woman walking down the street with a man. The parent saw where the couple lived and reported the information to security.

The following day, security monitored the stadium. They saw that both the lady and the man came to the stadium.

“[The Educational Facility Officer (EFO)] stopped and questioned the couple,” Bell said. “She then went to their house to verify the information.”

According to Bell, however, there was trouble communicating with the couple because there was a language barrier. After translation, the couple claimed that they did not take anything. The EFO then delivered trespassing letters to the couple stating that they could not be on school property, and the couple has not returned since.

Another theft occurred last year at CHS when a woman reportedly signed in as a visitor, sat in the cafeteria and tried to steal from the lost and found, which was located in the cafeteria.

“After last year, the administration has taken measures to tighten up and enforce the visitor sign-in procedure,” Bell said. “Security is always stationed by the main office to monitor visitors.”