Live from Churchill, it’s the Daily Dose

The Daily Dose works to get ready for their new live shows.

Photo by Arielle Gordon

The Daily Dose works to get ready for their new live shows.

By Arielle Gordon, Arts Editor

Starting this year, the Daily Dose will be broadcasted live every day.

The live broadcast allows for more up-to-date information and in-depth segments.

“The Daily Dose change allows us to have a more immediate effect on the students,” Daily Dose advisor Naomi Ratz said. “It allows us to talk about scores and games that happened yesterday instead of two days ago and we can help the staff and students feel more involved and excited about what is going on in the school at the moment.”

In addition to providing real-time information, the transition to a live show has offered the students working on the Daily Dose more opportunities to do in-depth TV work.

“We are working with the leadership class to get more material and ideas,” senior Jason Arndt said. “We have new microphones and other new equipment that we are working with.”

In addition to improved and increased production abilities, a live TV show gives students more experience and understanding of how to run a live TV show.

“We have to spend all class period rehearsing and perfecting, because there is no retake, just our one live show,” Ratz said. “The energy is really exciting when we count down and go live in front of the whole school.”

Most of the students are new to live TV production and they are all learning it together, along with their advisor.

“I think with going live it forces students to learn the process faster,” technical director Ben Schnapp said.

Schnapps’ main responsibilities on the show include training students on how to use new equipment, fixing any equipment that breaks and turning the show on and off air.

According to Arndt, the Daily Dose is another change that students are getting used to this year but, “hopefully the Daily Dose will be as interesting and informative as it was in the past.”