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Teachers Required to Wear ID’s After Break

By Isabel Dibble, News Editor

January 4, 2016

CHS staff will be required to wear lanyards, displaying their identification cards while at school starting Jan. 4. This change is a renewal from the policy that started many years ago at CHS. "We had a system where teachers wore their badges and students had to carry theirs somewhere in a wallet or poc...

Money matters: CHS to fix financial flaws

Money matters: CHS to fix financial flaws

By Lara Fu and Dana Youngentob

February 28, 2013

CHS staff and administration are working to improve financial processes and procedures after receiving a subpar 2012 internal audit from MCPS. Some of the audit’s criticisms included incorrectly classified transactions; the purchase of a cell phone for a staff member when MCPS already provided th...

Police request more staff

By Sarah Reitzes, News Editor

February 22, 2012

Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger requested Jan. 19 that more police officers be sent to the county to provide ample support for its growing population. Manger is working on a staffing plan that will outline the divisions and units which would most benefit from increased staff. “We want...

Staff members to retire this year

By Bobby Hirsch, Observations Editor

May 29, 2009

At the time this article was published, three staff members had announced their retirement. Media specialist Kathy Boivin has worked at CHS for five years and in MCPS for about 18.  She will be moving to South Carolina. “I am looking forward to a new direction in my life,” Boivin said.  “[I...

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