Teachers Required to Wear ID’s After Break

By Isabel Dibble, News Editor

CHS staff will be required to wear lanyards, displaying their identification cards while at school starting Jan. 4.

This change is a renewal from the policy that started many years ago at CHS.

“We had a system where teachers wore their badges and students had to carry theirs somewhere in a wallet or pocket at all times,” Principal Joan Benz said.

CHS is bringing back the policy, which many other MCPS schools have maintained throughout the years.

The reason for the reinforcement of ID cards is due to recent events around the world and within the country, such as the terrorist attacks in Paris and the shooting in San Bernardino.

“With the more recent incidents in the country, there is a need for heighten security,” Benz said.

Already this year, CHS has taken more security measures with the door access cards in the front of the building. Teachers can swipe their cards to enter, while students and guests have to buzz in.

Even though identification cards are required starting after the winter break, new lanyards and ID cards have already been distributed. Many of the staff have already started wearing theirs, including athletic director and AP Comparative Government teacher Scott Rivinius.

“[Staff] were encouraged to start wearing them now,” Rivinius said. “I have worked at other schools outside of MCPS where I had to have my ID badge on, so it is not a problem for me and I am accustomed to it.”

Many teachers like Rivinius are smoothly transitioning, while some may to get used to wearing their ID cards.

“I would prefer if I did not have to wear the lanyard and maybe clip my ID onto my pocket so that it still is visible,” Spanish teacher Stacey Steele-Yu said.

Many teachers agree that the reinforcement of ID cards to increase security is good.

“I think it helps to know who is in the building at all times,” Rivinius said. “I think it helps identify if someone in the building does not belong and could potentially cause problems.”