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Club day brings convenience to annual event

The poster for the new Spikeball Club that was displayed during Club Lunch at WCHS.

By Andrew Chan, Sports Editor

October 17, 2019

On Sept. 25, WCHS put on a Club Lunch in the main gym, allowing WCHS students to showcase their clubs and gain new members. In previous years, the lunch was a Club Night where students would come to WCHS after school hours to see clubs. “I thought Club lunch was way more convenient than a Club Nigh...

Spikeball club is a hit with students

The official Spikeball used to play the game.

By Sapna David, Features Editor

October 8, 2019

A Spikeball roundnet, a ball and four players. The game Spikeball was revived in 2008 by Chris Ruder. The game consists of a volleyball inspired play; a server spikes the ball onto the net and his or her teammate has three passes before it must be spiked onto the net again for the other team. Although it...

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