Club day brings convenience to annual event


Courtesy of Jack Kustner

The poster for the new Spikeball Club that was displayed during Club Lunch at WCHS.

By Andrew Chan, Sports Editor

On Sept. 25, WCHS put on a Club Lunch in the main gym, allowing WCHS students to showcase their clubs and gain new members. In previous years, the lunch was a Club Night where students would come to WCHS after school hours to see clubs.

“I thought Club lunch was way more convenient than a Club Night would have been since it was during school,” junior Jeffrey Yee said. “Having it during lunch lets way more students get involved and allows more students to come.”

Overall, Club Lunch went by without any hitches, and many students were able to find clubs that interested them. The packed gym was bustling, making it evident that many students were connecting with WCHS’ various clubs. The lunch was definitely a success for clubs and students alike. 

“We got a lot of signups and a lot of people showed up to our meeting right after,” junior and Spikeball Club officer Matthew Freeman said. 

In addition to the many returning clubs, multiple new clubs were showcased this year at the Club Lunch, some of which including the Chess Club and Spike Ball Club. 

The Chess Club is a club where WCHS students can come together and play chess during lunch. Members of the Chess Club can even participate in chess tournaments that are hosted across the state of Maryland.

“Chess Club’s goal is to bring together all level players so that they can practice and improve their skills,” junior and Chess Club president Alison Kaiser said. “We hope to teach all interested students how to play.”

Spikeball Club features a new, popular sport. The sport is essentially teams of two facing off against each other and continuously spiking the ball off of a small net until the ball hits the floor. The club, created this year, hopes to make the sport popular at WCHS. The club hopes to get WCHS students involved in and outside of school.

“We meet during lunch once a week and play Spikeball,” Freeman said. “Occasionally we will have a tournament but usually we play games for fun.”

In addition to these new clubs, many old clubs returned for another year at WCHS. Women in Science, a staple in the club community at WCHS, also made an appearance at this year’s Club Lunch. The club hosts guest speakers who are successful women from various different STEM fields.

“Our goal is to inspire high school girls by showing them successful STEM career paths and STEM degrees,” junior and Women in Science Club Officer Maeve McGuire said.

Though Club Lunch was mostly successful, there were a few minor issues that some WCHS students noticed. Many students suggested the gym was too small for WCHS’ many clubs.

“Confining a lot of clubs to the gym made it feel like there wasn’t a lot of space for everyone,” Freeman said.

Nevertheless, students are already excited for next year’s Club Lunch and the unique clubs it will introduce to WCHS. 

“I’m pretty excited to see what new clubs pop up next year,” Yee said. “Hopefully it’s a bit less crowded.”