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Hunger for Sandwich Club provokes its return

By By Zack Potter Archives Manager

October 29, 2010

Something has been missing the last two years that no one has really been able to put their finger on: an important fixture of CHS culture left us following the 2007-2008 school year.  Fear not, however, because it has made its triumphant return to the school, once again ready to be enjoyed by all. ...

Faceoff: Potbelly’s serves scrumptious subs

By Ben Hollander
Public Relations

May 28, 2009

Rotten subs, terrible service and bread with knives in it are some of the complaints Subway customers have expressed over the years. Potbelly’s on the other hand, is a much better sub chain, serving delicious, hot sandwiches, tasty milkshakes, a warm welcoming atmosphere and knife-free subs; and not...

Faceoff: Subway offers great variety

By Alex Fanaroff
Staff Writer

May 28, 2009

All day long your teachers and parents tell you what to do, but at Subway, you are the boss.  Subway is an exceptional sub and sandwich shop, and hands down the best sandwich restaurant around in comparison with Quizno’s and Potbelly’s. Subway is so great for two reasons. One is that, unlike...

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