Faceoff: Potbelly’s serves scrumptious subs

Rotten subs, terrible service and bread with knives in it are some of the complaints Subway customers have expressed over the years. Potbelly’s on the other hand, is a much better sub chain, serving delicious, hot sandwiches, tasty milkshakes, a warm welcoming atmosphere and knife-free subs; and not to mention, owner Bryant Keil is a CHS alumnus.

Potbelly’s has been providing these wonderful life essentials since 1977, when it started as an antique shop selling sandwiches to beloved customers. Unlike some other sandwich chains, Potbelly’s has maintained the same atmosphere and charm that it had when it first started, and the food is stellar.

Sandwich competitor Subway offers thin, processed slices of meat, terrible customer service and a lack of delicious milkshakes. Potbelly’s on the other hand, has quality meat, friendly employees and has a large supply of frozen treats.

Eating at Potbelly’s is a pleasurable experience, coupling delicious food with dessert and live music. At Subway you get a sub-par sandwich, wallpaper, and in my experience, unwelcoming employees.
A toasted sub at Subway consists of a roll of bread, meat and cheese going into a microwave on steroids and coming out seconds later stale and soggy. Potbelly’s toasts subs on a magical conveyer belt of deliciousness. Potbelly’s cares if your sandwich comes out the way you like it. Subway cares about throwing toppings on a piece of bread and collecting exact change.

Potbelly’s locations such as Rio, Rockville Town Center, and downtown Bethesda are all right next to movie theatres and entertainment attractions. The sandwiches, baked goods and frozen treats are a wonderful way to enjoy a night out with your best buds.
Subway relies on commercial pulls and catchy jingles to sway consumers rather than using their actual food. “Jared lost weight,” “Eat Fresh” or “5 dollar foot long” are all pathetic marketing pleas that a sandwich consumer should not be fooled by. Even Subway.com admits that Jared’s weight loss was due to exercise and his results are not typical.

Potbelly’s stays true to the one thing people love, food. The bottom line is people go out to enjoy food and have a good time, not lose weight or “Eat fresh.”