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An uncensored review of Bethesda’s Naked Pizza

An uncensored review of Bethesda's Naked Pizza

By By: Natalia Derechin, Features Production Editor

November 22, 2011

Pizza is an Italian-American treat with wonderful flavors that hit as hard as the guilt, making taste buds all over the world rejoice as many arteries complain. The common misconception about pizza seems to be that it can never be healthy; however, thanks to Naked Pizza, cholesterol will no longer rise...

Natural disasters slow child adoption process

By Jordan Maser Staff Writer

May 20, 2011

Recent events, such as the earthquakes in Japan and Haiti, have left several thousand children without familes or homes, driving the public to help. The requests to adopt a child from a country that has suffered from a natural disaster typically increase significantly during a natural disaster. However,...

Shedding pesticides, food trends go au natural

By By Lori Koenick Staff Writer

March 1, 2011

Organic food is one of the fastest growing industries in food production. Just stroll around the Cabin John Giant; it’s hard not to notice the word “organic” popping up on products in every section of the store.  “About five to 10 percent of our produce is organic,” said Mark Slepitza, a...

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