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Makeup Brands “Oversexualize” Names of Products

Makeup brand NARS gives suggestive titles to different shades of a blush palette.

By Jasmine Baten, Staff Writer

April 19, 2016

It’s getting a little too hot in here. It’s no secret—makeup brands have been giving their lipsticks and eyeshadows unnecessarily suggestive names like Urban Decay’s “Perversion” and NARS’ “Orgasm” for years. In March, leading drugstore cosmetic brand Rimmel London released ...

‘Hunger Games’ makeup line pushes boundaries

Senior Erin O’Connell embraces the line’s bold color scheme by fearlessly applying a layer of dark mascara.

By Catherine Goohs, Online Arts Editor

October 28, 2013

A bold, new makeup line has taken center stage at cosmetic counters. Covergirl’s Hunger Games-inspired makeup collection features fearless shades of blue lipstick, scarlet eyeliner and electric emerald eye shadows. The line was released on Oct. 1, the same day movie tickets for the film’s sequel, Ca...

Morning routines shorten with stick-on makeup

Morning routines shorten with stick-on makeup

By Jane Zankman, Sports Production Editor

February 22, 2012

After countless mornings of having to get up 20 minutes early to put on makeup, new single-use instant makeup applicators turn those 20 minutes into five. Products such as ColorOn Professional Instant Eyeshadow Kits and Violent Lips Temporary Lip Appliqués offer faster and safer alternatives than using...

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