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Tween Sephora girls spark controversy and cosmetic chaos

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Young girls using expensive Sephora products results in popular products being sold out and samples left messy.

In the ever-evolving social media landscape, a new phenomenon has emerged: the “ten-year-old Sephora girls.” These young girls, usually around the age of 10, have captured the spotlight for their disruptive visits to Sephora stores. Originating on the social media app TikTok, discussions of these young girls have raised concerns about the negative impact of makeup trends on younger generations and disruptions caused in the retail environment.

Ten-year-old Sephora girls’ excessive use of makeup raises questions about age-appropriate beauty standards. Some argue that exposing young girls to cosmetics early may contribute to premature concerns about appearance and reinforce unrealistic beauty expectations, potentially impacting their self-esteem and body image.

“I think the makeup world can be negative on kids’ minds because younger girls aren’t accepting their natural beauty, and they are relying on makeup to feel pretty,” WCHS sophomore Katie Campion said.

The presence of ten-year-old Sephora girls in the stores has sparked a dialogue about disruptions these young girls can create. Videos of girls disrupting Sephora makeup samples and being rude to employees have gone viral on TikTok. Witness of this, 10-year-old Olivia Cusack, a regular Sephora customer, is familiar with the social media trend.

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“While shopping, I saw some other girls ruining the testers. They took different items, including a lotion and a tinted moisturizer, mixed them up and got it all over the shelf,” Cusack said. “I went over to try and test an item and noticed a couple girls huddled around loudly filming a TikTok; I couldn’t get by.”

The reasoning behind girls being exposed to makeup at a young age typically leads back to social media. Social media platforms expose young girls to an idealized version of beauty, fostering unrealistic standards that can impact their self-esteem. TikTok, in particular, bombards users with short videos showcasing makeup routines and perfectly groomed influencers, creating an early impression of what is considered beautiful.

“The girls might intend on appearing more grown up like the TikTokers they see,” Campion said. “However, I doubt they realize the products they are putting on their face are extremely harmful for youthful skin, and the idea of it is harmful to their mind.”

Many popular products that catch the attention of young customers include the ingredient retinol, which is used to hide wrinkles and other imperfections. Users of TikTok have commented on the fact that 10-year-olds do not need to use it. However, the desire for social validation and acceptance can be a powerful force growing up. Girls may feel pressure to conform to beauty standards set by their peers, leading them to buy more and more products they do not need.

“I started learning about makeup through YouTube when watching different creators like James Charles,” Campion said. “However, the amount of content and ‘influencing’ was not as extreme as it is now with TikTok.”

With the rise in discussion of ‘10-year-old Sephora girls’, many argue that people should not stereotype all young girls of that age. Some feel that exposure to makeup at a young age actually enhances creativity and self-expression.

“I think the drama about the Sephora girls has become a bigger deal than it needs to be because of TikTok,” Cusack said. “Some people assume just because I’m 10 and I like Sephora means that I’m rude and will mess up the store, which is not the case.”

Some wonder what a solution for the tensions in the stores could be. Both employees and customers have brought up the idea of an age restriction to shop at the stores. Currently, Sephora has no age limits.

“I think girls should be able to shop there, but rules should be better enforced, or maybe they should go with a guardian. I understand it’s fun shopping for makeup because I did too, but a lot of these girls are very inconsiderate shoppers,” Campion said. “I think a solution could just be providing more education on products.”

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