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Md. Minimum wage increases beginning 2020

The Maryland General Assembly passed two new bills that aim to increase minimum wage and to allow public school districts to choose when to start school. The two bills were met with opposition from Gov. Larry Hogan, who vetoed both bills but were both overridden by the State House and Senate.

By Brandon Li, Senior Writer

May 9, 2019

When looking for a part time job, most will value salary over enjoyment and experience. However, with the new increase in minimum wage, that tradeoff may not exist anymore. The Maryland General Assembly (MGA) approved a bill March 20 that would increase the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour over...

Amazon cancels plans to create new headquarters in N.Y.

Amazon’s proposed HQ2 location in NYC was shut down by local activist groups. The groups argued Amazon would drive the cost of living up, hurting the surrounding New Yorkers.

By Brandon Li and Joe Raab

March 6, 2019

After publicly revealing the creation of two new headquarter locations in Arlington, Va. and New York City, N.Y., Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced Feb. 14 he will cancel the construction of the NYC location. Bezos originally planned to have only one HQ2 location, setting up a wild goose...

New automated flaggers boost road safety

With the addition of the automated flagger assistance device, the need for workers using hand-held “Stop” and “Slow” signs will be eliminated.

By Brandon Li, Copy Editor

December 14, 2018

Maryland highway officials are testing a new method of directing traffic in a construction zone. Usually, a construction worker will be holding a sign that says “Stop” or “Slow,” but with the new initiative, an automated flagger assistance device will replace the need for that worker. On the...

Hockey hopes to win fifth consecutive championship

WCHS hockey coaches pose with the team after winning the state championship last year.

By Brandon Li, Copy Editor

November 21, 2018

Not one, not two, not three, but four state championship titles, back to back to back to back years. With the season already underway, WCHS varsity ice hockey looks to add one more title. After winning a record-setting four- straight Md. state championships, the team hopes to break their own record...

New MD law helps to protect service vehicles

Maryland’s “Move Over” law now requires drivers to move over for waste and recycling trucks, as well as service and utility vehicles. The previous law only required drivers to move over for emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and police cruisers, but the expanded law now includes work trucks as well.

By Brandon Li, Copy Editor

October 11, 2018

Starting Oct. 1, Maryland drivers will have to yield to transportation, service and utility vehicles that are parked along the side of the road. Maryland’s Move Over law, which details the proper driving principles when encountering work vehicles, is now expanding to require drivers to switch lanes whe...

MCPS supplies free ACT, SAT vouchers to students

By Brandon Li, Online News Editor

February 8, 2018

MCPS is now offering a free SAT or ACT voucher for every junior.   In order to receive the free voucher, students must apply through the Counseling Department or the College/Career Center. Students complete a form, including a photo, and return it to the College/Career Center. The voucher only ...

The Observer’s guide to college research

The Observer's guide to college research

By Alissa Li, Observations Editor

September 11, 2014

Once students graduate from their “underclassmen” status, they are suddenly burdened with a lot more stress. Not only do they have to worry about keeping their GPA afloat, they need to start researching the next step of their lives: college. As seniors are busy worrying about submitting their...

Miss HIMYM? The Observer Recommends New Shows

Miss HIMYM? The Observer Recommends New Shows

By Alissa Li, Observations Editor

May 23, 2014

As How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) left the television scene with a legendary bang, die-hard HIMYM fans were left with a gaping hole in their hearts. Suddenly, the show that they had followed for nine full seasons was over, and nothing could possibly fill the emptiness that they felt. No fear, HIMY...

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