Hockey hopes to win fifth consecutive championship


Photo Courtesy of Monumental Hockey Hub

WCHS hockey coaches pose with the team after winning the state championship last year.

By Brandon Li, Copy Editor

Not one, not two, not three, but four state championship titles, back to back to back to back years. With the season already underway, WCHS varsity ice hockey looks to add one more title.

After winning a record-setting four- straight Md. state championships, the team hopes to break their own record once again and win a fifth-consecutive state championship title.

“Just like the last four years, it is either we win the state championships or we do not,” senior forward Joel Katuala said.

Last season, the team cruised through the regular season, posting an impressive 13-1 record. In the playoffs, they won their way into the state championship game, beating Oakland High School in the finals with a score of 12-1 to hoist their seventh cup of the team’s history.

“I remember how we finished games strong and were able to win close games,” senior goaltender Keshav Iyer said. “One game that stands out to me was an overtime win in a playoff game.”

This year, the team aims to reproduce a strong regular season. With the leadership of the returning varsity players, along with the growing trust between each player, they hope to return to the championship game.

“Our team plays best when we all do our jobs and support each other,” senior forward Tristan Burrows said. “Being able to rely on each other is going to be the key to our success.”

As with any sports team, graduating players may introduce a cause for concern, for the shift in talent could take time to adjust to. However, with the solidified experience from upperclassmen, along with the rise of talented underclassmen, the team hopes to expand upon their chemistry.

“With around 20 seniors graduating last year, it is going to be tough on us this year,” Katuala said. “Everyone, not just the returning players, is going to have to step up and play well, since the weight is on our shoulders.”

In preparation for this season, the team has held numerous workout sessions and team-building exercises, for teamwork is built both on and off the ice.

“These events build trust between us because if no one has the confidence to trust one other, nothing will work,” Iyer said. “Just last week, we went to the community center to play basketball.”

The team is off to a strong start so far, winning their opening game with a score of 5-2. With the team currently 1-0, they hope to ride their success towards another state championship.

“Our core is still intact and we still have great coaches, so we are looking forward to making this another great year,” Iyer said.