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Take a break from your boring, morning meal

Senior Alexandra Conway loves her homemade chia pudding.

By Arielle Gordon, Arts Editor

September 29, 2015

The scent of a good, hot breakfast might be the only thing that “egg”cites you to get out of bed every morning. For many, a typical breakfast consists of eggs, toast or cereal, but for some CHS students, breakfast is made up of less traditional foods. “For breakfast, I will sometimes have...

I’m healthy and I know it

I'm healthy and I know it

By Lori Koenick, Brittany Goodman, and Bhaavya Srivastava

March 27, 2012

 Four reps of 25 sit-ups, three reps of dumbbells, leg presses and four miles on the treadmill. This workout might sound monotonous or terrorizing, but however you choose to work out (or not), results are best seen when the exercise routine is varied. With spring break, prom and summer right around...

Fresh Market alternative to traditional grocery stores

Fresh Market alternative to traditional grocery stores

By By: Jamie Lescht, Public Relations Manager

February 23, 2012

Customers walking into a grocery store have two basic expectations: the store is clean and has the basic necessities. It is very rare that one finds a store that exceeds these standards, but Fresh Market is an exception. Fresh Market has opened in the Congressional Plaza shopping center off Rockville...

Seasons 52 offers healthy options to hungry students

By Jane Zankman, News Production Editor

May 20, 2011

Seasons 52, located on Rockville Pike across the street from White Flint Mall, is a restaurant that offers indulgent yet healthy food choices. The atmosphere is extremely warm and refreshing. The floors are covered in carpet, the room is filled with reds and earthy tones, and the seating arrangement...

Pitango Gelato takes pride in fresh, organic sweets

By Julie Kracov, Business Manager

December 22, 2010

Clean, fresh and serene, Pitango Gelatos’ delicate atmosphere opens up the worlds of ice cream lovers to a new and healthy way to indulge their sweet tooth.  Gelato, which means frozen in Italian, is a healthier version of ice cream that contains only five to eight percent of milk fat, whereas ice...

Eat This or That?

By By Camille Bacharch Online Editor-in-Chief

October 4, 2010

In the face of the nation’s worst obesity epidemic, a health food craze has taken root, with frozen yogurt, salad shops, and organic restaurants popping up everywhere. Despite this, false advertising and misconceptions influence consumers to buy things that aren’t particularly healthy at all. So...

Food for Thought: Vegetarianism offers delectable, healthful options

By By Meghna Balakumar Staff Writer

October 4, 2010

A massive unpeeled boiled squash, raw vegetables on a platter and a piece of cheese between two slices of bread: this was the entrée offered to vegetarians at Outdoor Ed, the vegetarian dish served at the Melting Pot and the sad excuse for a veggie burger from McDonald’s. A vegetarian diet can be...

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