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Markoff’s forest haunts those seeking a scare

Markoff’s forest haunts those seeking a scare

By Julia Heimlich, Circulation Manager

November 7, 2012

An eerie overpass, an unsettling circus scene and ghostly figures hauling around chainsaws: is this the set of a horror movie? Nope, just one of the 20-minute murky, wooded trails at Markoff’s Haunted Forest. Even the drive up to Dickerson, MD makes for a pitted stomach. Seemingly neglected farmhouses...

Goodbye summer heat, fall brings new treat

By Lizz Chen Circulation Manager

October 27, 2011

TGIF.  Thank Goodness It’s Fall.  Winter is cold, spring is rainy, summer is hot, but fall is just perfect.  There are so many reasons that fall is the best season of the year, but most of them can be divided into three categories: food, clothing and activities. Food Just the thought of fall food...

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