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Goodbye summer heat, fall brings new treat

TGIF.  Thank Goodness It’s Fall.  Winter is cold, spring is rainy, summer is hot, but fall is just perfect.  There are so many reasons that fall is the best season of the year, but most of them can be divided into three categories: food, clothing and activities.


Just the thought of fall food is enough to make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Halloween and Thanksgiving, the two most food-oriented holidays, take place in the heart of fall.  This means Starbucks brings back its pumpkin spice latte and Oreo creme filling turns a bright orange color—somehow making them both a hundred times more appetizing.

Of course good, old-fashioned, homemade food isn’t too bad either.  The seasonal foods of spring, summer and winter don’t hold a candle to the hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream and gooey caramel-covered Granny Smith apples associated with fall.

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This season is also the perfect time to dust off the mugs and Thermoses and curl up on the couch with a cup of hot tea or chocolate.


Everyone just dresses better in the fall.  The temperature gets a little chillier, allowing students to add more layers and accessories to their outfits.  The best way to keep warm during the fall and into the winter is to wear a scarf.  They come in every color and pattern imaginable, so it’s easy to find one to match something you own.  Guys shouldn’t be afraid to wear scarves either: wearing a simple gray or black scarf will make braving the cold weather much easier.

And who could forget flannel shirts?  They are a necessity as the cold weather rolls around.  Both guys and girls wear them to look fit and feel cozy at the same time.

Other good fall accessories include hats, gloves or mittens, big earrings, rings and legwarmers (if you’re feeling confident).

Cardigans are invaluable this time of year because they are perfect for working with the mood swings of the weather; they can either stand alone or fit under a jacket for additional warmth.

As far as feet are concerned, woolly socks are the best to sloth around the house in.  Plus, your toes will thank you for not making them constantly kiss the cold ground.  Fall means retiring flip-flops to the back of the closet, but that’s not such a bad thing.  They don’t offer the cushiony foot support of boots and slippers.


Even though food and clothes help make fall the best time of the year, the best part of the season would probably have to be its overwhelming beauty.  Walking down a street lined with trees on either side that are shedding leaves of varying shades of yellow, orange and red is the simplest way to fully appreciate the picturesque quality of fall weather.

The temperature change also makes spending time outside that much more appealing.  It is the best of summer and winter: bright and sunny, but also cool and windy.  Participating in activities such as playing football, picking pumpkins, going for a hayride, taking a trip to the Haunted Forest and hanging out with friends around a fire pit is a great way to take advantage of the season.  After all, it’s only here for three months out of the year. And it’s here right now, so let yourself fall in love with fall.  I promise it won’t break your heart.



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Goodbye summer heat, fall brings new treat