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Calling all single ladies: put your hands up for GALentine’s Day

Dove chocolates are the perfect treat for both you and your friends to enjoy on Valentines Day.

By Ela Jalil, Assistant News Editor

February 13, 2020

Despite Valentine’s Day being the holiday of love, not everyone has found that special someone to celebrate with. This holiday has a unique way of making single people feel lonely and even depressed with its constant barrages of hearts, cupids and roses everywhere. The biggest thing to remember is th...

The Observer provides tips on celebrating “Galentine’s Day”

Parks and Rec's new holiday, Galentine's Day, allows people to enjoy time with their friends.

By Alissa Li, Observations editor

February 13, 2015

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, single people cringe at the thought of stomaching another day of infatuated couples, saccharine chocolates and giant teddy bears.   However, right before that commercialized day comes the most underrated day of the year: Galentine’s Day. Originating...

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