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Autism Awareness: An Inside Perspective

By Adam Gruner, Staff Writer

May 26, 2017

Society likes to put people with different religions, races, genders, ethnicities and disabilities into categorized boxes. April was Autism Awareness month, and ironically, this is exactly how somebody with autism is stereotypically portrayed Therefore, a big question to think about during Autism Awareness...

NHS walks to raise mental health awareness

NHS walks to raise mental health awareness

By Birttany Goodman, News Editor

December 3, 2013

Members of the National Honors Society (NHS) are striving to increase awareness for mental health during the 2013-14 academic school year. "Our main goal is to actually make a difference and to take action on issues that we feel affect our everyday lives," said senior and NHS treasurer Shira Rodman. ...

CHS celebrates Autism Awareness Month

CHS celebrates Autism Awareness Month

By Emilie Plesset and Sarah Reitzes, Online Editor-In-Chief, Staff Writer

May 1, 2012

CHS students, staff, sports teams and clubs came together in April to celebrate Autism Awareness Month. Spring season athletes wore light blue at designated games to support the cause, and CHS students were encouraged to wear light blue April 20. The Each One Reach One Club, SGA, the Autism Program...

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