NHS walks to raise mental health awareness

NHS walks to raise mental health awareness

NHS members took part in the Autism Speaks walk on the Mall Nov. 2.

By Birttany Goodman, News Editor

Members of the National Honors Society (NHS) are striving to increase awareness for mental health during the 2013-14 academic school year.

“Our main goal is to actually make a difference and to take action on issues that we feel affect our everyday lives,” said senior and NHS treasurer Shira Rodman.

During first semester, NHS is focusing on Autism awareness. They participated in the Autism Speaks walk around the Washington D.C. National Mall Nov. 2 and will hold a bake sale in late November.

Autism Speaks is the nation’s leading Autism advocacy and science organization. The organization is dedicated to funding research for the treatment, cause, prevention and, most importantly, cure for autism.

“The walk for Autism research on the National Mall is really an incredible event,” NHS member Amy Dalrymple said. “I have been participating in these types of walks and races ever since I can remember, and they are still so special to me. I am overcome with joy that NHS decided to make a team and walk this year because it is truly a great cause.”

In addition to walking, NHS donated approximately $350 to the Autism Speaks foundation.

“It was great that they could participate in a community activity outside of school, and Autism Speaks is a great cause,” NHS sponsor Jamie Frank said.

During second semester, NHS plans to focus on suicide prevention.

According to Rodman, NHS members are going to volunteer at the Mental Health Institute.