Athlete of the Month: October 2018

By Andrew Chan, Assistant Sports Editor

The CHS Bulldogs have taken Montgomery County football by storm, trampling their competition each week with a potent offense and stifling defense. Their success is due in part to senior running back Patrick Richardson.

Richardson has been playing football with CHS since he was a freshman on JV. Each year, Richardson has improved due to his tireless work ethic. As a junior, Richardson put up 459 yards and seven touchdowns, both numbers that he is well on his way to surpassing.

“The feeling is great when you get in the endzone for a touchdown,” Richardson said.

After playing for CHS for four years, Richardson’s endured endless workouts and practices that have helped him improved his game, though that is not all that helps.

“I think the biggest thing is how much he has matured mentally,” Athletic Director Jesse Smith said. “From talking to his coaches, they rave about how far he has grown since his freshman year and at the end of the day that is the most important thing you want from any student athlete.”

On the field, Richardson is a force to be reckoned with. While tearing through defenses and trucking defenders, Richardson has racked up 573 rushing yards to go along with his 16 rushing touchdowns in just five games. In addition to this, Richardson has shown some versatility as he has also caught three touchdown passes from senior quarterback Michael Janis. Richardson helps to power the offense whenever he has the ball. And with his explosiveness and athleticism, he can even help the team without the football.

“He is very hard to bring down to the ground, forcing defenses to key in on him,” Janis said. “Even when the ball is not in his hands, there is a big focus on him, which helps the entire offense succeed.”

Throughout the season, Richardson has put up ridiculous numbers and has multiple good games. But his most impressive performance came in a 49-8 victory against rival Wootton HS. Richardson put up over 100 yards and five touchdowns, as he helped lead the team to an easy victory.

“In all honesty, I was not surprised with myself,” Richardson said. “Of course I was proud of myself and definitely knew I could score more, but against a team like that we knew it should have been a shutout game from the start. I was doing my part and happy that I could assure my team a win against Wootton.”

Even his coaches noticed his intense game and performance.

“The way he ran the football, he was angry with it,” head coach Willie Williams said.

Even off the football field, Richardson continues to rally the team. At practice, Richardson gives it his all, just like he does in games. He helps to lead and inspire the team even when they are not playing.

“Patrick provides great personality, which helps shape the team we have today,” Janis said. “He inspires the team through his constant hard work.”

It seems as if it would be stressful having a huge team look up to you, but for Richardson, it is a form of motivation, though it is normal to feel stress on the field.

“I would not necessarily say I feel pressured, but I most definitely do get nervous, which is normal for any athlete before a game,” Richardson said. “The only thing I worry about is not playing to the best of my ability in the game and making mistakes that I know I should not make.”

Last season, the CHS team went 5-5, but this year, the team has drastically improved with a 5-1 record. With Richardson carrying the ball for the Bulldogs, the future of the team is looking bright.

“Patrick’s impact has been immeasurable,” Smith said. “He has been one of the primary reasons this team has done what it has to start the season.”

This season is not close to being done, and neither is Richardson.

“All I want to say is that we’ll continue to work hard and strive to be the best that we can be this season,” Richardson said.