Bandwagon fans fill the halls of CHS


CHS students “cheer” on the Wizards during their latest playoff run.

By Danny Gordon, Staff Writer

The Washington Wizards are officially out of the NBA playoffs, and now bandwagon fans have to find a new team to “support”.

The Wizards, led by guards John Wall and Bradley Beal, made the playoffs after a four-year drought. Throughout four miserable seasons Washington Wizards fans have been scarce, upon Washington finding success, “Wizards fans” suddenly started popping up everywhere.

Several months ago it would have been difficult to find a single Wizards fan in the hallway, but during their playoff run Wizards fans were everywhere.

It makes people wonder how loyal CHS Wizards fans really are. Now that the Wizards are out CHS fans are jumping ship to support their “new favorite team” the Miami Heat.

Ever since LeBron James’ infamous television special, The Decision, in 2010, in which he decided to join the Miami Heat, the team has been a dominant force in the league. The formation of “the big 3” (LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh) has made the team a top contender every year.

Now after winning the past two consecutive NBA championships the Heat are in a prime position to three-peat, and many CHS students are suddenly supporting them.

According to a July 27, 2013 ESPN article, Lebron James was voted the most popular player in the league last season, surpassing Kobe Bryant for the first time in five years.

With that kind of glory leading their team, it is no wonder the Heat is a prime target for bandwagoners, but real Wizards fans would never throw their support behind the Heat.

The Heat are another East coast team with no ties to our area, in other words, the enemy. Rather than rallying behind them, Wizards Fans desperately looking for someone to support should back up the Oklahoma City Thunder, a west coast team that is lead by D.C. native, Kevin Durant.

According to a May 17, 2014 CBS News article, experts predict the Heat will play either the Thunder or the San Antonio Spurs in the finals.

Since it is likely Durant will square off against the Heat in the finals, why would Washington fans not support someone who at least has ties to the Washington area? Too many of the fans are not real fans and just go where the winner is. While Washington is winning, it is easy to cheer, but as soon as they falter, these “fans” go find the bigger winner.

Of course true fans do not even need to search for another team or player to root for. They root for and against each team equally in hopes that everyone will be destroyed next season as the Wizards rise again. To real Wizards Fans, the basketball season dies when the Wizards’ season comes to an end.