Lax wall installation to improve skills and drills


Lax players will soon incorporate the wall linto their practice regime.

By Christian Edwards, Staff Writer

The CHS Booster Club will be funding the construction of a $10,000 4×12 foot concrete wall this month on the football and boys lacrosse practice field.

The wall will allow the boys and girls lacrosse teams to play wall ball, a drill where the lacrosse player continuously throws a ball against a wall to improve his or her stick skills.

“The wall will help our lacrosse programs both in season and out of season,” athletic director Scott Rivinius said. “It can be used as a part of a structure of a practice, or for an individual player looking to get better out of season.”

The whole community will also have access to the wall.

“It can also be used for soccer, baseball, and potentially tennis,” Rivinius said. “It is in an area that is accessible for community use and also could be utilized by our physical education department, as well as Hoover’s.”

Senior boys lacrosse captain Matt Moshyedi plans to use the wall as much as he can and is thankful the CHS Booster Club funded and installed the wall.

“Building the wall was a very good idea,” Moshyedi said. “It is a great help for the lacrosse team and it doesn’t interfere with anything on campus.”

Moshyedi expects the wall to play a huge part in their lacrosse team practices because it will not only help the team get better, but will also greatly improve each individual’s talent.

“Players can use the wall in between drills and before and after practice to help improve their sticks skills,” Moshyedi said.