Brodkowitz commits to play baseball at Yale


Senior Eric Brodkowitz will continue to be a Bulldog when he pitches for the Yale University baseball team next fall.

By Sammi Silber, Observations Editor

The pitcher stands on the mound and looks up at the scoreboard.  The team is up by one in the bottom of the ninth, and he needs to strike out this batter to win.  Senior pitcher Eric Brodkowitz locks his eyes back on the catcher.  Blinking twice and taking a deep breath, he grasps the ball in his hand and winds up his throw, launching the ball toward the plate.

The batter swings but misses as the ball flies into the catcher’s glove.  The Bulldogs have another win under their belt and they all celebrate.  With outstanding games throughout his high school career, Brodkowitz has worked hard on the field and has found his way into Yale.

“It was not hard [to decide],” Eric said.  “I am very happy, and it felt like a perfect fit.”

Eric committed to Yale University to pitch for the Yale Bulldogs. Coming off  three great seasons, Eric is ready to take the field for one last season at CHS and continue to improve his game.

According to baseball coach Scott Blackwood, Eric’s “leadership” and “calmness” make him the “true gamer” and great player he is today.

“He will continue to get better,” Blackwood said.  “He has the tools to make it professionally in baseball.”