Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball

Senior guard Allen Nujumbe will be a key player this year for the bulldogs

By Jonathan Greenzaid, Business Manager

The boys basketball team, led by first-year head coach Robert Bean, looks to start off the new season strong after finishing with a record of 18-6 last season.

The team will rely on senior guard Allen Njumbe after the graduation of forward Bryant Wheatley and guard Dominique Williams, who led the team in total points last season.

“We need to improve on the defensive side of the ball,” Njumbe said. “We will be able to put up a lot of points, but we have to stop the other team as well.”

According to Bean, his goals this season are to “ensure that my boys are having fun playing the great game of basketball, create some excitement among the CHS community, and implement a new system of basketball that is different than the previous system.”

Bean plans to keep his “new system” a secret until the beginning of the season.