Despite third place finish, crew’s hopes high for spring

By Manisha Singh, Senior Writer

The crew team experienced a loss at the Cindy Cole Cup April 20 after placing third in its scrimmage against Woodrow Wilson and Walter Johnson on the Anacostia River April 6.

“Seeing the competition has really made us put crew as a priority for this upcoming season,” junior Dominic Singer said. “I expect our team to show much more commitment.”

Despite the upsetting defeat, the team remains hopeful for an improved season.

According to team president Bill Snider, CHS has the potential to overcome many other competitive rowing teams due to indoor physical conditioning.

“Winter conditioning really puts us at an advantage to work on both technique and mental commitment,” senior Charlie Morris said.

According to Ryan Ludick, the new male varsity coach and previous USA NCAA rower, “a successful race stems from months of training.”

Conditioning is not the only factor that might put the team up ahead.

According to Singer, although the team has much lighter rowers than other crews, it is easier for them to compete in the shorter 1500-meter races in the spring season.

Ludick has also greatly contributed to the team’s morale.

“Because he is a former college coach, we feel much more encouraged to show up to every single practice and give our greatest effort,” Singer said.

Ludick has coached multiple college and high school crew teams in the past including Walt Whitman HS, Lehigh University and University of Florida.

“I’ve been working with my crews for just over a month,” Ludick said. “I know we can and will build on the lessons learned at the scrimmage heading into the bulk of our season.”

While the boys feel their technique and speed has been improving due to the new coach, girls search for confidence within the team.

“Rowing is a sport that relies heavily on camaraderie,” senior Nazel Malhani said. “Having close relations with all of the girls translates to a strong bond on the water.”

However, neighboring schools that have more experience on the water remain potential competition for both the boys and girls crew teams.

“As we continue into the season, competition will only get harder,” Morris said. “More schools participate and better ones too.”

The Maryland State Championship regatta will take place April 27.