After strong start, tennis finishes second at counties

After strong start, tennis finishes second at counties

Sophomore William Szamosszegi returns a shot at county finals May 4.

By Danny Gordon, Business Manager

The boys tennis team finished second in the MCPS Boys County Tennis Tournament May 10. Junior Kevin Chen and sophomore Matthew Fine both finished in first place.

“The team had an outstanding year,” coach Benjamin Woods. “The players learned and improved each match.”

 With the exception of 2011 alumnus Kevin Chu, all players returned from last season. Freshman Elliot Thaker, who finished second in the county tournament, feels this worked to the team’s advantage.

 “Since the beginning of the season we all went in hoping to get a shot at the county title,” Thaker said. “Every one of us worked hard throughout the year and it is finally paying off.”

 The team had a strong 8-0 start, defeating every opponent including rival Whitman.

 According to Thaker, Whitman was one of the team’s most difficult opponents.

 “All of our players preformed to the very best of their abilities,” Thaker said.

 After strong play for the majority of the season, the team stuttered at the end, losing two of its last four games to Wootton and Bullis.

 According to Thaker, Wootton was the most difficult team that CHS faced all year.

 Several players including Fine, Chen and Thaker advanced to the Regional II Tournament held May 11-16.

 “I am looking forward to Regionals,” Thaker said. “With all of our preparation and motivation I know that we can win.”