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With intensity, vigor and a will to win, senior Kristina Roberts adds so much more to her team than just the regular key traits necessary to be a successful field hockey goalie. She makes the team flow.


Roberts has been a goalie on the field hockey team since her sophomore year. While she was a late bloomer to the sport, her great sense of agility and speed has lead the field hockey team to a great 8-1 record this season.


“She was somewhat timid at first because she was learning the sport, but has shown incredible improvement since then,” varsity field hockey coach Catherine Miller said.


An integral part of being a goalie is taking control on the field. During every game Roberts is responsible for keeping her teammates in check and ensuring that their positions on the field are good enough to keep the ball as far away from the goal as possible. If the ball happens to move toward the goal, Roberts has developed a clear and concise kick to ensure that the ball does not enter.


“Kristina has a strong kick that can clear the ball out of the circle with one move,” Miller said.


What makes the game of field hockey work, though, is team unity, and that is what Roberts loves most about her sport.


On the field, Roberts is in charge of making sure that the offense and defense are talking to each other. If they are not, she must direct players to move so that they are in position to score. This requires team unity.


“In some sports, one player can take the ball all the way up the field alone and then score,” Roberts said. “However, in field hockey you really have to work together as a team.”


Roberts has not only received awards from her coaches like Most Improved Player but, the Washington Post has also recognized Roberts’ achievements. In the 2010 season, Roberts was ranked eighth in the D.C. Metropolitan area for her number of saves, which Roberts estimates is over 100.


According to Miller, Roberts has had some of her best games this year.


During the season’s first eight games, Roberts recorded five shutouts. She has also had huge games against B-CC, Quince Orchard and Wootton.


This year has been unique for Roberts, as her sister, junior Catherine, also joined the varsity field hockey team.


“The sisters cheer for each other, and they push each other,” Miller said. “They often go head-tohead since Catherine is a forward; they have a great relationship.”


While Roberts hopes to continue field hockey at the club level in college, she is now just focusing her energy on the CHS team.


“I have made a lot of friends on the team,” Roberts said. “Field hockey will always be a happy memory for me.”