XC looks to improve on last year’s 2nd place finish

By Zoe Forster, Business Manager


Several CHS runners were chosen to participate in the Woodward Relays Sept. 6 at Georgetown prep. The boys came in second place out of 11 competing schools in the 6-mile-two-man relay, while the girls also came in second place out of seven competing schools.


Leading the boys team were seniors Will Conway, Luke Shannon, Sushen Thiyagarajen and Matt Kogan along with freshman David Fitzgerald.


“I think we did alright considering we didn’t have Zach Weinstein run, but we didn’t run up to our full potential,” Shannon said.


The boys finished with a total time of 1 hour and 43 minutes, a minute behind Walter Johnson (WJ), who has been a consistent county competitor for the past two years. The race consisted of two runners alternating a one-mile loop. Each runner did the loop three times for a total of six miles per pair.


“The team needs to improve on the gap between some of our back runners,” Shannon said. “Our goal is to be fast but also win, and to win we have to be deep, which means having everybody run as a pack and bunch up together.”


The team participated in a dual meet against Northwest High school Sept. 14. Both the boys and girls team easily finished in first place.


“The boys should never lose a meet this year,” coach Paul Jacobson said. “If everyone stays healthy we could be the best team Maryland has ever had.”


The boys are hoping to win it all this year with Conway and Weinstein, two of the top runners in the state, leading.


“Our goal for this season is to win state championships,” Jacobson said. “We got second place the last two years and we are by far the best team in the state this year.”


Several runners were chosen to participate in the Oatlands Invite at Oatlands Plantarian in Leesburg, VA Sept. 17. The team finished in third place out of 46 competing schools.


Injuries are holding back the boys team from reaching its full strength, but the real athlete of the meet was freshman Lucy Srour.


According to Jacobson, she had one of the top ten times all day, beating the reigning Maryland 4A state champion in the 5k.


Fitzgerald also had a great race, finishing third on the team and 44th overall.