Potomac Yoga Center offers Saturday teen class

By By Joel Denicoff- Staff Writer


The Potomac Yoga Center, a new yoga center that opened this past summer and is located in the Potomac Village, is the only yoga studio in the CHS district and plans to bring a physical and mental place for people in the Potomac area to relax.

The new yoga center offers a variety of yoga classes to people of all skill levels. It has a teen class every Saturday at noon, making the center a convenient place for CHS students to practice yoga.

“We decided to start a course for teens so they can enjoy a yoga workout together,” yoga teacher Shannon Von Burns said. “The class teaches breathing and safety to teenagers while increasing their fitness, too.”

Another yoga teacher at the Potomac Yoga Center, 1985 alumnus Freddy Margolis, would like to set up classes for athletes. Margolis is a former CHS football player, a black belt in kickboxing and is a master at yoga.

“Yoga is a great way to help any type of athlete with their game because it increases their flexibility, strength, speed, toning, core, range in motion, endurance and helps athletes avoid injury,” Margolis said.

Junior Julie Gelb joined the Potomac Yoga Center because it is close to where she lives, her mom went to school with Margolis and she likes that the Potomac Yoga Center plays music during the classes.

The Potomac Yoga Center offers many vinyasa and hatha yoga courses. Vinyasa yoga was developed by monks to be a vigorous workout. Hatha yoga is an easier yoga compared to vinyasa because the purpose of hatha yoga is to balance the mind through controlled breathing, relaxation and meditation.

“Vinyasa yoga is for people who want to try a more challenging workout that works and energizes the body,” Margolis said. “Hatha, however, is more relaxing and not as challenging.”

The yoga center also has many different classes depending on one’s skill level, including levels one and two (beginners and intermediate) and levels two and three (intermediate and advanced).

“We have many different types of classes and we offer a 20-minute tune up for beginners,” Von Burns said.

The Potomac Yoga Center also has heated yoga classes, which are more exhausting because the room temperature is higher. Additionally, the center all has individual lessons for those who prefer one-on-one training.

“More students should join because in a school like CHS, everyone strives to be the best, but yoga is a great way to relieve that stress and focus on the important part of life: your wellbeing, mentally and physically,” Gelb said.