Coed Volleyball hopes to improve upon last season

The coed volleyball team hopes to improve on last year’s 9-3 mark entering its first game March 23 against Whitman.

According to head coach Michael Endler the team must focus on three things in order to win this game and many others.

“We need to get used to the positions and switches on the court, and we must be more consistent,” Endler said.

Endler also said that even with the loss of many seniors last year many players stepped up during tryouts.

“I’m very impressed with senior Jonathon Huang and junior James Lee; they will be our main hitters this year,” Endler said. “Seniors Kelen Jiang and Grace Xia are also excellent all around players.”

Lee has worked very hard in the offseason to be one of the team’s best players.
“This offseason I practiced hitting and setting a lot to get where I am today,” Lee said. “Before this season, I couldn’t even hit.”

The team has very high hopes this year, but will focus on two goals specifically.
“I want our team to play to the best of our ability and continue to improve game after game, even if we lose one or two along the way,” Endler said.

If the team can accomplish these goals this year, the sky is the limit.

“We’re definitely going to make the playoffs,” Lee said. “If we try hard enough during practice and play well enough during the games I can see us winning a county championship.”