Faceoff- College has more excitement

By By Matthew Brothers: staff writer

Back in 2006, The George Mason men’s basketball team won the Colonial Athletic Conference tournament and qualified for the NCAA Tournament. The Patriots, who were a 13 seed, won their first four games by upsetting top programs in the tournament, leading them into the Final Four. However, this year in the NBA there are no talks of giving the Nets a chance at the title, even if they go on a late winning streak.

This example demonstrates one of the reasons why college basketball is better than the NBA.
 March Madness is possibly the greatest event in all of sports thanks to the crazy upsets. This is also the place where smaller schools get their shots at big name NCAA programs to show people how good their teams actually are.

However, the NBA has a 16-team playoff with each round containing a seven-game series. Usually I just want the season to be over by this point, but the NBA playoffs extend the season by two-and-a-half months.

March Madness is a perfect setup giving hot teams, who did not start off the season the strongest, a chance to go dancing in March with the conference tournaments. After that, 65 teams play in the NCAA Tournament. In addition, there are other postseason tournaments for teams who did not get one of those 65 spots.

This is the best format for the postseason for basketball and nothing in any other sport can match the intensity and excitement that the NCAA tournament brings.
 Another factor that make the collegiate level of basketball much more entertaining than the NBA is the atmosphere around the college game.

There are no better fans than crazy college students in a section together cheering on their team, showing no love for the opposing team, jumping around to “Zombie Nation” while the team is trying to score a game winner, and charging the court after a major upset.  No one sees any of this happen for an NBA team.

 Many of the players interact with the fans, trying to get them more involved in the game and cheer louder. One of the best examples of this is Greivis Vasquez, who taunts opposing crowds and does fun celebrations to pump up the crowd.

In the NBA, many players want to focus on how much money they are getting and where they would rather play. The difference is that college players decided to play where they want and none of them are making money for playing, so their only motivation is to win.
The NBA gets boring since the games and seasons are too long, however watching college basketball stays exciting throughout since the games are the perfect length and the attitudes of players and fans bring more thrill to the game.