Baseball team waits for a new head coach

By By: Nima Ghafari, Staff Writer

After a controversial end to last year’s season, the CHS varsity baseball team has found itself in a similar state of confusion seeing as last year’s head coach Wesley Russ is no longer with the team.

“We just want to know who our coach is going to be,” senior captain Bryce Shemer said. “It’s important for [team] chemistry.”

With baseball workouts starting in March, the team has neither a coach, nor any candidates. According to athletic director David Kelley, his Sept.16 advertisement within the school will soon be followed by a countywide announcement.

Last season’s controversy was sparked by the dismissal of the assistant coach Richard Shemer, Bryce’s father.  The change was due to internal reasons. This decision prompted two then juniors’ immediate resignation from the team.

“It pretty much went downhill from there,” senior Jordan Siegel said. “We stopped being a baseball team. We’re not going to let that happen this year.”

The team has made it clear that they do not want to worry about last year’s problems but instead, focus on finding a coach.

“There is a group of parents who really want me to stay as coach,” Russ said.
Kelley, however, said otherwise.

“We are going to head in a new direction,” Kelley said. “After reevaluating last season, CHS is ready for a change and is not renewing Russ’ contract.”

Russ said he was “mystified” by Kelley’s reaction but added that, “maybe it would be better for the players if they had a coach who was impartial to them, that would be best.” With many team members playing league baseball outside of school, and practicing with teammates, they are attempting to prepare for whoever puts the managerial cap on come March.

“[Hiring a new coach] is important but it is not our main concern,” Siegel said. “We will know who our coach is eventually. For now, we will have to wait.”