Self-care tutorials teach students valuable tips

By Laura Sneller, Arts Editor

Social media can be used in many ways, whether it be to spread a message or to connect with people around the world. Now, a new trend on social network sites is “self-care” how-tos. These are tips and tricks to be healthy, happy and ready for life. These threads mostly target on their female audiences, but have great advice for everyone.

Self-help accounts and posts are beneficial for developing teens, such as the students in CHS. They provide important knowledge on mental and physical health, as well as budgeting tips and fun activities to do. These accounts help teens today improve themselves and spreads a positive message throughout the internet.

High stress levels and emotional breakdowns are not new to high school students. With the rigorous environment at CHS, it is important that students learn how to relax and take time for their mental health. This self-care trend is all about putting your needs first and being conscious about your emotional needs. There are many posts about ways for students to relax and how to do well in school. The increased awareness of these calming methods encourage students to take a break from the stress and take time for themselves, which is a message that is often overlooked in other circumstance.

According to a 2014 study by the American Psychological Association, the stress levels that teens experience rivals the stress adults feel. The teens they surveyed reported higher stress levels than that of the adults surveyed.

These accounts and posts give their followers useful advice in life, such as budgeting tips and how to survive college and living on your own. This helps the developing generation prepare for the real world and be ready for the challenges that will come.

However, these accounts are not professional and their advice does not work for everyone. Thus, people should be cautious when they follow their tips, and know what works best for them.

Self-care accounts are a new trend that is benefiting teens, such as CHS student, by spreading a positive message about putting your needs first. These accounts and posts are helping teens to be conscious about their mental and physical health, and will help them later on in life.