The real concert experience is found in the music, not the clothes.

By Greer Smith, Senior Writer

I bought a ticket. I waited passively for three months. I threw on something comfortable and acceptable to wear in public, nothing too fancy. I waited in line. I found a spot. I enjoyed good music.

This is how I partake in the concert experience, because that is what it is about: the music. Everything else is just preparation for going to hear music, it does not have to be a big fancy thing; in fact making it a big fancy thing can take away from the music.

Yet these days some people do not seem to care about the music at all, namely, other teenage girls. The most important thing is how they look.

According to a May 31, 2013 Daily Mail article, women dress to impress their friends. When they go out in a social setting, they want to get compliments from other women.

This makes sense, who has not tried to show off their new duds to their friends once in a while? However, many concert venues such as the popular Filmore and 9:30 club are dark and hot. All people do is get sweaty and all hair does is get frizzy rather fast.

It does not make a lot of sense to put on your favorite, fancy outfit when the only time it will be seen is while you stand in line and then it will vanish into the darkness to be sweat out.

Not only is it not comfortable for the person wearing it, but it is uncomfortable for others.

This week I was at The 1975 concert, a grungy Britsh indie band, and had girls in heels step on my feet, long (and sweaty) hair fly in my face, and saw far more of many girls than I wanted to as they wore shirts blurring the line between crop-top and no top.

There is no need for all that. A concert hall is a camped place and the last thing people want is some teenage girl taking away the last inkling of comfort for her own personal gain.

According to a Dec. 16, 2010 Phoenix New Times, an online paper, article on concert etiquette, it is important to pay attention to the show and to give others their space.

When girls are more concerned with how they look and taking concert selfies than the actual music, they are more likely to violate this rules of concert etiquette.

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to look like a hobo when one goes out, but when you go to a concert, maybe it is better to opt for your favorite pair of converse, a t-shirt, and a pony tail rather than stilettos, a crop top and barely any shorts.

If one is really there for the concert, it does not matter how good you look because the focus should be those on stage, not anyone around. Just go for the music.