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Students should pay attention to the arts

Because of the departure of notable teachers in the arts department, rumors are swirling about the future of CHS performing arts. Students are worried that the programs may change for the worse, but instead of panicking, students should focus on using their own talents to keep the arts going strong.

No matter who the teacher is, the students remain the same, and they are very talented. Students are capable of taking the care of the performing arts into their own hands and should continue to do so. The real problem is that many students outside of the arts programs do not care to give them the attention they deserve.

According to Principal Joan Benz, there is no need to worry, as the administration is looking for replacements for Choral teacher Carlos Barillo and teacher and SGA/Class of 2013 adviser Scott Selman who is often involved with productions. Benz is confident the performing arts department will proceed as it always has.

According to Barillo, there is change due. However, the program experiences change every year, both good and bad, and students should not be worried.

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CHS is known for taking care of its football team and other sports teams. There are often cookouts before games, pep rallies and t-shirts made for the general public, yet the performing arts does not get this sort of attention.

In the past, there were teasers for Blast and the musical, but last year there were no teasers, and this year there were teasers only for the musical. The teasers help to give people a taste of the show so they will want more and allow performers to perform for their peers.

It is understandable that sports get a lot of attention; they are a huge  source of revenue. However, the arts are still full of hardworking students trying to entertain, and the student body needs to recognize each other and support each other.

CHS football is good, but they are not the best, with a 7-4 season and ranked 79th in the state. Yet the school rallies all their support around them. The CHS performing arts puts on professional productions that pull in crowds for several nights of the performance. Yet the overall school spirit or attention towards them often seems slim and limited to those participating and their friends.

Now is a good time to reflect on how the students treat the arts. They seem second to sports even though they produce many talented students.

What CHS needs to do is to bring more attention to the arts. Make more announcements on The Daily Dose about the plays, musicals, and the annual CHS art show, and highlight the achievements of local artists in the community like they do for athletes.

The Observer will be working hardest to highlight CHS’ art students and to more regularly draw attention to the great art performances, shows, and opportunities in our community.

CHS needs to let their performers and artists know they are behind them and that the students have the talent to maintain the programs that these students use as an outlet. Otherwise, rumors and worries will continue to swarm the student body any time a teacher packs up and goes.

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Students should pay attention to the arts