Teenagers tired of wearing high heels


By Jamie Lescht, Arts Editor

The average height of a pair of stilts is approximately 18 inches—to walk at such an elevation brings about the constant fear of falling and breaking one’s ankle. The average height of a pair of high heels is six inches—a length that is one-third the altitude of stilts. Although heels are approximately 12 inches closer to the ground, the pain and threat of collapsing still looms in the air.

This type of danger is easily avoidable—simply go to shoe stores in search of reasonably sized heels. Yet this is where shoe brands have failed; there is a lack of affordable, sensible-sized heels. As a result, thousands of people are forced to attend events wearing hazardous footwear. This era must come to an end. Shoe makers, give me smartly sized heels or give me death!

According to senior Sophie Bukrinsky, the shortest pair of heels she can find are 5-inch heels. Bukrinsky found that stores don’t sell cute heels smaller than that and “short heels are more for older people.”

A stroll through any shoe store proves that shorter heels are targeted for an older demographic. They lack a fashionable aspect, generally come in bland colors and are styled to suit those who need assistance while walking. Why can’t shoe brands provide a happy medium between the typical “grandma-shoes” and heels that present a youthful quality?

Moreover, despite heels’ appearance, these shoes may be destroying women’s feet.

According to a 2011 CNN article, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reports that 7 out of 10 women have a foot deformity, the large majority of which can be linked to bad shoes. High heels could also cause scoliosis and lead to joint degeneration as well as osteoarthritis.

Alas, several shoe companies have taken the task of presenting reasonable heels, but not at a reasonable price.

According to a 2006 NBC News article, designer Tara Subkoff conquered the challenge of creating comfortable heels—these shoes provide the same comfort as sneakers all for a price of $240. Last time I checked, sneakers do not come close to costing that amount of money.

As a result, only two options exist for people sick of dangerous footwear: continue to put yourself through pain or pay an outrageous price for comfort.

Shoe companies, the responsibility to create wearable heels has fallen upon your shoulders, because women are tired of having to walk in stilts.