Dress Code must be more strictly enforced


By Katherine Michael, Staff Writer

As a student walks down the halls of CHS, what does he see? Bra straps, underwear, tube tops, hats and sunglasses. These are just a few of the many dress code rules students violate.

Students are supposed to wear clothes that provide appropriate coverage of the upper and lower body. This means no see-through shirts, revealing tops, low-riding pants or booty shorts. Unfortunately, by the way students dress, it gives the impression that CHS does not have a dress code at all.

According to the CHS Parent and Student Handbook, students will be disciplined if they do not follow the dress code. Even so, very few students get in trouble for violating these guidelines, although it seems that the majority of the student population is breaking them. Administration does not harshly enforce these guidelines, so students will keep breaking the rules.

According to assistant school administrator John Taylor, administration does not go searching the hallways for dress code violations, but they will do something about it if they see it.

Students are hardly ever penalized for these violations, so administration must not be looking hard enough.

While girls are generally thought of as the dress code rebels, the boys are equally guilty. The most common violation with boys is the visibility of underwear. Apparently, it is in style for boys to wear their pants unusually low, but this odd sense of fashion reveals just what teachers do not want to see: their underwear. Girls are often blamed for revealing too much skin, but boys are rarely reprimanded for wearing their pants too low.

According to freshman Isabella Wu, there appears to be no dress code at all. Students dress the way they like and nothing is done about it. Even teachers have worn unprofessional clothing such as short skirts and revealing tops. Fearing hypocrisy, these teachers never report students who disobey these guidelines.

Many girls show up to school on warm days with their stomachs showing, which is a direct violation of the dress code, which states that the midsection of the body and the rib cage must be completely covered. Even though wearing belly shirts might make girls feel cool, it is too distracting to the educational environment and therefore a violation of the CHS dress code.

CHS students often wear clothing advertising alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances

Students do not take the dress code seriously because they do not see others being punished for it. The lack of enforcement makes it socially acceptable in students’ minds to dress this way.

Despite administration’s lack of discipline, many students are well dressed and follow the proper protocol. As for the others, they should cover up and follow the dress code or, hopefully soon, suffer the consequences.