FACE-OFF: Android vs. iPhone: King Apple reigns supreme

Excuse me, may I have your attention please? An imposter, I repeat an imposter, of the Apple iPhone is dangerous and on the loose.

My name is Android, and I am infiltrating the minds of children and parents around the world with my sleek exterior and tempting apps. My crime? I’m tricking innocent people into settling for a cellular device that is less pleasurable than the miraculous Mac device, called the iPhone. 

The iPhone and Android are neck and neck in the competition for the title of best smart phone.  Both are multi-billion dollar operations, and Apple is slated for further growth in the mobile operating system market due to the upcoming launch of the ios 5 (and perhaps a new iPhone) this fall. The Android, on the other hand, has been confronted with developmental roadblocks this year and currently has no new products. 

Critics point out that the Mac Company is brainwashing society to think that Apple is the most hip and popular technological company, but those same critics fail to mention the elaborate commercials, which include the appealing robot shaking its cute behind and dancing to music, as well as other advertisements the Android uses to swing people in Google’s direction.

There are many factors that can sway consumers towards the iPhone and away from Android. 

According to a May 18 CNN article, a security hole was found in the Android software. The security hole enables attackers to gain access to android users’ personal information without their consent.  This defect was discovered by three research assistants at Ulm University in southern Germany, and the flaw affected approximately 97 percent of Android users.

Furthermore, there are apps that are incompatible on the Android. Some examples include MLB at Bat 11, XX109 Radio, Groupon and Netflix.  Sale representatives push the fact that Android is more tailored for a “media experience,” but with apps that are not able to work on this device it is less accustomed to entertainment.

Google is not a manufacturer.  Google focuses solely on the Android software and lets its partner manufacturers worry about building the phones. While this allows Google to have a more focused effort on improvements, this also means Google has less control over its products as opposed to Apple’s complete control over the iPhone.

A great deal of time has been expended on the “hot competition” between Apple and Google. Apple associates have already made the assumption that Android phones will not be long-term competitors.

While only time can tell who will win the iPhone and Android debate, it’s clear that iPhone has the advantage because it is the thinnest intelligence mobile phone that is on the global market and is ultimately the undisputed king of smart phones.