There must be an end to swiping school lunches

By Alec Fanaroff Staff Writer

A serious problem plagues CHS. To make things worse, it goes unspoken by students and administrators. You could even say it has been swept under the rug, like crumbs from a sandwich. The problem I speak of is the stealing of lunches—a crime comparable to a felony in my opinion.

Before you start calling me crazy for comparing stealing lunches to say, armed robbery, let me explain why I think this crime is so heinous. I am personally a victim of this terrible crime, and there is no worse feeling in the world than having your lunch unjustly seized from you.

Lunch is an essential part of the day for most students at CHS. Many kids do not eat breakfast and are starving by lunchtime. That is why a caring parent, who opens the fridge to get cream for their morning coffee and notices the forgotten brown baggie, makes the trip down Gainsborough Road so their little darling does not go hungry.

Eating lunch provides students with a needed energy boost, allowing them to proceed
through the day.

The day my lunch was stolen was one of the longest days of my life. All I could think about during the next three periods was food, and according to the people around me, I was in an awful mood. I became paranoid, and every student I saw looked like they were my lunch thief.

Why people have the urge to steal lunches from the office is something I can’t understand, but I do realize it is not difficult to do. When students forget a lunch, their parents can put it on an unguarded table in the front of the main office.

Even though there is a sign above the table that says “Please see a secretary for your lunch,” I realize that all students ignore this, even if it truly is their lunch.

Here is my shout out to students: if you have stooped low enough to be one of the PB&J sandwich stealers, I urge you to STOP. Stealing lunches is a terrible and dirty thing to do, even if it is easy. Honestly, have you no shame in stealing right in front of
administrators hanging around the office? Or, do you feel all high and mighty swiping a brown bag from an innocent freshman?

The thiefs are just asking administration to enforce another rule we do not want to live by. If this crime continues, we just might find a security guard stationed in the office asking for social security numbers before students claim their. Do we really want this?

I think it is in everyone’s best interest to leave the food stealing to the McDonald’s Hamburgler, and to keep CHS a lunch lifting-free school.