Faceoff: Subway offers great variety

By Alex Fanaroff
Staff Writer

All day long your teachers and parents tell you what to do, but at Subway, you are the boss.
 Subway is an exceptional sub and sandwich shop, and hands down the best sandwich restaurant around in comparison with Quizno’s and Potbelly’s.

Subway is so great for two reasons. One is that, unlike its inferior opponent Potbelly’s, you get to watch the freshest and most nutritious ingredients being added to your food.

At Subway, a 6-inch marinara meatball sub, including cheese and various vegetables (lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, olives, onions and green peppers), only has 580 calories. At Potbelly’s, a meatball sub not including cheese or anything except the meat, sauce and bread is 618 calories.

When you enter  Subway, you are directed to the start of the line where you can pick one of eight hearty and fresh baked breads.
Proceeding from there, you are offered the choice of 13 savory meats, six delectable cheeses, nine fresh vegetables and 11 different sandwich condiments. The possibilities are almost endless and are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

In a world where obesity is at an all time high, Subway offers eight healthy sandwiches containing “6 grams or less” fat, meeting the dietary and nutrition needs of the healthiest of eaters.

Another plus about Subway is that it has a location in every state and in 90 countries ranging from Argentina to Zambia.

Due to the recent, economic downturn, money is scarce and people are reserved about eating out, but never fear, at Subway you always get your money’s worth.

While a six-inch sub at Potbelly’s is $4.77, Subway offers eight different foot-long subs for $5 each. Potbelly’s also offers a larger nine-inch sub for $5.77, which is smaller and more expensive than the average Subway sub.

Subway and Potbelly’s may be completely different, but they share one thing in common–they both live up to their names. Subway is named for its specialty subs and makes no claims to being anything more than its name. Potbelly’s is also appropriately named because a pot belly is exactly what you will get if you eat their fattening subs.