Freshmen get to know their class at this year’s Freshman picnic


Parents distributed pizza and beverages during the freshman picnic

By Ana Faguy, Breaking News Writer

Hundreds of freshman pile into the CHS stadium waiting their turn for a hot slice of pizza and an ice cold soda as a part of the schools’ effort to encourage the freshman class to get to know each other.

“The first week is overwhelming,” freshman class sponsor Kevin Doherty said. “This is the first chance for them to socialize as high school students.”

Every year the PTSA sets up the picture for the freshman and provides them in the stadium duing lunch.

According to PTSA Vice President Veronica Espinoza, the picnic is a nice time to welcome the ninth graders to CHS.

“The pizza was delicious and it was a great time to socialize,” freshman Madeline Schupak said.