Democratic candidate provides volunteer opportunities for teens

By Vicky Gunawan, Observations Editor

Opportunities like volunteering for a political campaign are rarely available for high school students, but candidate Jordan Cooper provides the chance of experiencing a political environment through his campaign.

Jordan Cooper is currently a Democratic candidate running for delegate in District 16. His campaign supports lower healthcare premiums and smaller class sizes. Cooper accepts volunteers for his campaign.

“I’m looking for people who are interested in becoming more involved in addressing issues facing our community,” Cooper said.

To apply to volunteer for his campaign you can email [email protected] including your name, phone number, hours of availability and if you have had experience with political campaigns. Volunteers will be asked to canvass with other volunteers and Cooper himself.

“When you’re going door to door you hear stories about the personal impact that policies can have on individual lives,”Cooper said. “These stories are the drivers of responsive policy-making.”

Students at CHS like sophomore Jonathan Silverman have already begun their political experiences. Silverman currently interns for Democrat Congress candidate David Trone.

“Interning has exposed me to a lot of the inner workings of political campaigns,” Silverman said. “This experience has broadened my perspective and has definitely made me more sympathetic to other canvassers when they call or knock on the door.”

Volunteers who can commit a dozen hours a week or more will be paid as staff. No background experience is required to become a volunteer. Students who are interested in becoming politicians in the future or want political experience should apply to volunteer for his campaign.

“[Volunteering for a political campaign] can empower you to have agency to be the change you wish to see in the world while getting on the ground experience,” Cooper said.