CHS Athletics Receives Fall Sportsmanship Awards


Photo by Will Hyland

CHS won a record nine sportsmanship awards this past season.

By Will Hyland, Production Editor

Fall CHS sports teams found success on the field, while also playing fairly this past season.

A record nine CHS teams: girls soccer, boys soccer, football, field hockey, girls volleyball, team handball, cross country, girls tennis and golf, were awarded Fall Sportsmanship awards for their fair play during the 2016 fall season.

I was very proud of our athletes,” Athletic Director Jesse Smith said. “They went above and beyond what was expected of them.

These awards aren’t handed out randomly, as there is a scoring system in place to determine the recipient of the award.

According to the MCPS athletics website, at each of the team’s games, they receive a sportsmanship rating: one from the game official, one from an administrative representative from the visiting team, and one from an administrative representative from the host team. At the end of the season these ratings are tallied up and an average sportsmanship rating is determined. The school with the highest average sportsmanship rating is then awarded the Sportsmanship award for that particular sport.

Junior Darius Siahpoosh, whose three goals and four assists helped CHS boys soccer to a 9-6-1 record, believes that the sportsmanship award is very important.

“It’s important to be fair on the field and to be recognized for that is a great honor,” Siahpoosh said.

Smith, who is in his first year as Athletic Director at CHS, stressed the importance he and CHS place on maintaining good sportsmanship at all times.

“Showing sportsmanship is extremely important to the athletics program,” Smith said. “ It demonstrates that our athletes our committed to representing our school with class and integrity on the playing field at all times.”