‘Tis the Season of Promposals


Senior Brandon Levenson asked his girlfried to prom in a very creative way.

By Julia Reagan, Senior Writer

Every little girl dreams about having the perfect prom to culminate her high school experience.  She fantasizes about sporting a glamorous, floor-length gown and dancing the night away with her debonair date.  None of this is possible, however, without a well-planned and adorable promposal.

This year, the men of CHS made this dream a reality for many hopeful ladies.  They went all-out with serenades, ridiculous costumes, gardens and more.  Here is an overview of some of the most “Awww” worthy and creative promposals that took place.

For his promposal to girlfriend Michelle Yan, Tyler Mainwaring brought along the Jazz Ambassadors choral group to support him as he serenaded her with a rendition of “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5.  By changing the lyrics to make them more prom-appropriate, Mainwaring was able to show off his vocal talent and impress his soon-to be date.

“I was really surprised because I wasn’t expecting him to sing to me,” Yan said.  “I thought it was really cute and unique because he never does stuff like this.”

For quite possibly the most thought-out and sweet promposals to ever exist, Alex Fang asked his lovely girlfriend of two years Amy Lin to the dance by growing dafodils, which he planted in October, in the shape of “Prom?” and then surprising her when she looked over the balcony of his backyard.

“I was just really pleasantly surprised because he knows how much I love flowers,” Lin said.  “It was very cute, and I’m glad they’ll grow every year to remind me of prom.”

Joseph Dennis asked his girlfriend of two and a half years, Abby McClive, to prom in a hilarious and adorable way.  He told her that he would be working at Chick-Fil-A one night and once she arrived with some friends, came out of the back room in a cow costume with a poster and flowers.

“I wanted to make it very special and memorable for her since we’ve been together for so long,” Dennis said.  “It didn’t take too much planning, and the hardest part was keeping her from finding out what I was doing.”

Brandon Levenson definitely did not skimp on the details for his promposal to girlfriend Lauren Farrell.  He surprised her in class with his crew of friends, each sporting a tee that spelled out “Lauren, will you go to prom with me?” with different pictures of the couple screenprinted on the shirts.  Levenson sealed the deal by bringing her delicious donuts and flowers.

“I was so happy and excited, I could barely sit in my seat,” Farrell said.  “I was taken aback by how much work he put into it, and it just reminded me how lucky I am to have him.”

No matter how it is presented, any girl would be happy to receive a sincere and well thought-out prom invitation.  However, a piece of advice to future promposers: some sweet treats and flowers will always do the trick.