‘The Wolf of Wallstreet’ shocks audiences

The Wolf of Wallstreet shocks audiences

‘The wolf of wallstreet’ stars Leonardo Dicaprio.

By Ross Tanenbaum, fact checker

As the years of school wind down, students begin to wonder what they will do with their lives. The new movie The Wolf of Wall Street explains exactly what not to do.


The Wolf of Wall Street follows the true story of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio, inception) and his life on Wall Street as a wealthy stockbroker. It documents his rise to wealth with partner Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill, 21 Jump Street) to his fall from the top leading to crime and corruption. While the movie features great performances and terrific storytelling, it exaggerates life on Wall Street and stretches the truth to the events of Jordan Belfort’s life.


“I found it to be a bit excessive,” senior Max Grody said. “I certainly wouldn’t say it glorified the greed and corruption of Jordan Belfort, but it did come across overly strong.”


The Wolf of Wall Street features scenes that are supposed to represent true events from Jordan Belforts life. These scenes often include graphic nudity, intense sexual situations, and excessive drug use. While useful in showing how messed up life on Wall Street was, the use of these details did not have much relevance in telling the story.


According to Grody, most of the vulgar scenes from the movie “did not contribute or bare relevance” to the movie.


While the movie is very inappropriate, the movie is still up for best picture at the Golden Globes. With the brilliant mind of director Martin Scorsese and an award winning performance by Leonardo Dicaprio, the viewer’s become immersed in the storytelling and begin to forget that the movie is nearly three hours long.


“I have enjoyed many other Scorsese films,” Grody said. “I liked his nuanced way of telling narratives and how he utilizes the visual medium to draw focus towards the characters’ relationships.”


While this was a really good movie, the movie itself is borderline NC-17. It features way too much nudity, drug use, and bad language in an attempt to tell the story. Despite the vulgarity, the film does a great job of keeping the audience entertained for its near three hour duration. The way the story is told is very unorthodox, yet the movie has potential to win a couple awards.