New Bollywood Movie, “Dhoom3,” brings all the action


“Dhoom 3” came out Dec. 20.

By Guransh Singh, Online Editor

With the additions of Aamir Khan (3 Idiots) and Katrina Kaif (Yuvvraaj), Dhoom 3 mostly lives up to its immense hype. Dhoom 3 is a Bollywood action movie, revolving around the central theme of police chasing after a notorious thief, in theatres since Dec. 20.


The storyline is introduced in 1990 as a young Sahir (Aamir Khan) evades thieves while taking home some money to his father who is struggling to repay a bank loan. The bank demands payment from Sahir’s father, which sets the stage for Sahir’s later robberies.


Aamir Khan plays the role of Sahir, the villain, incredibly, balancing his dual roles as a circus performer and a bank robber. Dhoom franchisers Jai Dixit, played by Abishek Bachchan (Dostana), and Ali Akhbar, played by Uday Chopra (Mohabbatein), continue in their roles as cops. However, their employment in the story sustains a twist in the latest series’ installment.


“The intense plot twist was captured brilliantly by Aamir Khan,” junior Shreya Navile said. “He stole the show.”


While Dhoom 3 maximized Khan’s acting talents, it criminally underused Kaif who is famous for her good looks and modern style. Kaif’s character, Aaliya, is explored in only a couple of scenes, one of which is an incredibly sexy performance designed to enthrall the audience, particularly males. The others include the brief snippets of the performances at the Great Indian Circus and as the love interest of Sahir.


“It felt like Kaif was there for eye candy.” Navile said.


This film displayed Dhoom trademark action scenes from jumping off skyscrapers to sliding a motorcycle under trucks, highlighting the Bollywood feel to the movie.


While Dhoom 3 had many exciting scenes, its premise was not original. Chrisopher Nolan’s The Prestige, a tale about a couple of competitive magicians, had a very similar plot twist. Though the twist still surprised many audience members, just as many saw it coming, especially true cinemafans.


Dhoom 3 has many plot holes and implausible instances, such as when Sahir drives a bike that happens to turn into a boat or submarine on a whim, or when Dixit manages to successfully hit Sahir with a pistol while dangling off the ladder of a moving helicopter. Spoiler Alert: The most glaring of the inconsistencies is that Sahir somehow manages to conceal a mentally challenged twin brother from the entire world for over 25 years.


Overall, Dhoom 3 was far-fetched, but still entertaining. Khan shoulders most of the acting load and does so admirably, while Kaif serves as a sweetener to the action-packed movie.