Redkins Search for New Coach


By Danny Gordon

After an extremely disappointing 3-13 season, many CHS Redskins fans are left wondering what happened to their once promising hometown team. Just one day after the season ended the entire coaching staff including head coach Mike Shanahan, was fired. Now the team begins its search for a new head coach who can turn the team around.

When Shanahan was signed to a five-year contract in 2010, fans were very optimistic. They believed that he could bring a winning atmosphere back to Washington.

“I thought with Shanahan we might have been able to have a winning team under a pretty solid coach,” said junior Oliver Pflieger.

That vision never panned-out, and now it is time for the team to look forwards toward the future. Currently the top three candidates for the head-coaching job are Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, and Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell.

Darrell Bevell, who is considered by many to be the front-runner for the job, is scheduled for an interview with team owner Dan Snyder. At 43 years old he is relatively young, but he does still have 13 years of experience under his belt, with several different teams. Most recently in Seattle he helped turn around the Seahawks offense and develop Russell Wilson into one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Critics worry that Bevell’s low-key personality will make it hard for him to thrive as a head coach.

“I think Darrell Bevell is a good replacement because he worked with Russell Wilson who is a quarterback of the same play style as Robert Griffin III,” Pflieger said.

Sean McDermott another strong candidate for head coach is also scheduled to meet with Snyder. McDermott is an intense defensive minded coach who worked in Philadelphia and currently coaches in Carolina. In his three years as defensive coordinator the Panthers defense greatly improved from the number 27th ranked defense into the 2nd ranked defense. Critics of McDermott believe that at age 39 and with only six years of coaching experience he lacks the skills necessary to lead a team.

“The Redskins are in major need of someone who can help fix the holes on defense, and I believe that McDermott is the man for the job,” junior Griffin Horn said.

The Redskins have also contacted Jim Caldwell. Caldwell has the most experience out of the group. Early in his career he worked as Wake Forest’s head coach. He then moved to the NFL and spent seven years as a quarterback coach, and assistant head coach before being promoted to head coach. With the Colts he won one Super Bowl and made second appearance. Last year, as offensive coordinator of the Ravens he won the Super Bowl. Critics of Caldwell point out his overly relaxed demeanor, and Baltimore’s failure to run the football this season.

“He gets stuff done and even won the Super Bowl last year,” freshman Max Smith said. “He could really turn the Redskins around.”

No matter who becomes head coach next year fans will have high expectations. After a promising rookie season fans expect the new coaching staff to make an immediate impact and bring the team back into the playoff picture.