NFL changes upcoming pro bowl

NFL changes upcoming pro bowl

By Michael Fox, sports Photo Editor

The NFL is making a variety of changes to previous years’ pro bowls as the 2014 game approaches.

The game that used to be played between the two conferences, AFC (American football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference), will now be played between two teams drafted by specific captains.

The NFL will also take away kickoffs during the game, probably due to injuries in the past.  Because of the special teams’ empty roster spot, each team will be allowed an extra defensive-back spot.

According to the ESPN website, instead of having kickoffs, the team who will have possession of the ball will start on the 25 yard line after any score or half.

With the new changes to the pro bowl, there will also be additional two minute warnings to the first and third quarters.

According to the ESPN website, the teams will now be allowed to play, cover, and press two defenses as opposed to having to play only man-to-man defense.

These Changes to the pro bowl game will significantly change the way the game is played, but nobody is sure whether it will be for the better or for the worse.